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  • Where can I purchase flexbark? +

    You can purchase bark at our online store or you can call us at 314-524-2040. Read More
  • How Flexible is Flexbark? +

    The thickness of the texture of the bark does play a part in overall flexibility of the sheets, but in general, most sheets can wrap around a 1" diameter tube.
  • What is Flexbark made out of? +

    Flexbark sheets are made from a sprayed polyurethane elastomer that cures to create a durable/flexible product.
  • Can Flexbark be used outside? +

    Yes, the material we fabricate the bark sheets from was originally designed as a flexible roofing coating that is designed to weather the elements.
  • What size are the Flexbark sheets? +

    Flexbark Sheets come in a variety of sizes due to the fact that all of the molds have come off of real trees or the mold has been altered later on. Please refer to price list for specific product dimensions..
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