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So Real, Mother Nature Gets Confused.


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Custom Fabrication

What We Do

Our exclusive flexible material creates magic in the form of realistic faux tree bark. We can create whole new projects, molds and end products within our Custom Fabrication Department sure to make your vision a reality. With a series of 17 different tree bark textures in our library, we can model and make a multitude of trees perfect for any need. From broadway props and scenery to a child's play fort, no idea is too small or project too big. Send us your ideas, we'll design the dream.

KTR Drawings Custom Fabrication

The Process

What is Custom Fabrication? Creating one-of-a-kind realistic artificial trees designed to your specifications.


Bring us your ideas. You'll be amazed by what we can do.


We can work with blueprints or a hand-drawn sketch.


Whether making new molds or repurposing what we have on hand, we can create the tree of your dreams.


Like a puzzle, we will put together each piece with care to ensure the final product is up to our standards as well as yours.