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Trees for Sale

Stunning artificial Flexbark designed faux trees for sale. Perfect for trade shows, corporate events, film sets, children’s play spaces…the possibilities are endless. For more ideas check out some finished projects.

  • Willow Media Tree

  • $27,000


  • 36″ Diameter Trunk

    20ft Tall with a 25ft Canopy

    This media tree comes with lights and TV mounts.

    Mounts Qty: Three 40in TVs.

    Wiring and speakers hang in branches.

    Hidden door to store media components in the trunk.

    Shipping & installation NOT included

  • Birch Tree Trunk (No Branches)

  • $4000/each


  • Two 14″ diameter by 14 ft tall birch tree trunks.

    Shipping and installation not included.