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So Real, Mother Nature Gets Confused.


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Excellent Product - Flexbark Oak Bark Sample

"Hope to purchase larger piece in the future for planned yard project once I get all the details organized."

Deborah A Weaver|


Great Products - Oak Bark FB3502

"Quality of the product was amazing!"

Kyler West|


Sample - Birch

"Love this product."

Ann Didelot|


Haven't installed yet - Flexbark Oak Bark Sample

"I will be ordering more soon."

Sherman Green|


Only got the sample, but happy so far - Flexbark Oak Bark Sample

"I grabbed the sample on a whim when ordering a different sample and have to say it is intriguing. The material was more flexible than I thought it would be and has enough of a color variation to look natural at a short distance. I have had it outside for a couple of weeks going through moisture and freeze thaw cycles and been happy with seeing no change."

John Cote|


Great for Artificial Christmas Tree Trunk - Sample Ponderosa Pine

"This worked great to make a fake yet realistic tree trunk for our artificial Christmas Tree. Thank you."

Michelle Krooswyk|


Awesome Products - Sample Pines, Cedars

"The tree bark was extremely realistic and the effect was exactly what I wanted."

Doug Rogers|


Faux tree - FB3507

"Love this product!"

Lori Stanford|


Great Bark - FB3505

"We ordered some bark for a diorama. This product looks extremely convincing. Great product."

Patrick Barth|